A growing number of companies are using language diversity as a strategy for expanding their scope and encouraging business development — and this can only be achieved in two ways:

  • By outsourcing services to translation agencies that translate any documentation, web site, advertisement, etc., related to the company.
  • By hiring employers who are fluent in several languages, either because they are native speakers or because they have been provided with specialized language training.

With regard to the latter option, PAFELINGUA, a translation and interpretation agency located in Madrid, specialising in minority languages, has a long experience of finding the best translators and interpreters who have worked both in Spain and abroad.

Building upon this synergy, Pafelingua WORKS FOR YOU by making a recruitment and staff selection service available to your company, thus imparting an added value to it.

We search, select and contract talented professionals with excellent foreign language skills to fill the posts required by our clients, in which the underlying premise for the work undertaken by employees are languages.

Whether you are an individual or a company, fill in the following form and tell us what you need.

About PafeLingua


In PAFELINGUA we have an extensive experience of translation and interpretation services. We specialize in translation for clients in a wide range of fields: economic, legal, website, marketing, advertising, etc.



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