PAFELINGUA was created in 2008, and we have had a large experience providing translation and interpreting services in different fields ever since. We are specialists in translations for clients in different fields, including economic, legal, web sites, marketing, advertising and much more, and in providing translation and interpreting services in languages, dialects and minority tongues.
We are a translation and interpreting agency specialized in minority languages, but we also meet language needs in the most spoken international languages. You can check our selection of minority languages in our web page. We also have a large experience in searching, selecting and recruiting translators to meet all those needs that have emerged along our professional path.
If you are interested in working for us, you can place your résumé in our web page. Check our job offers, it is always a pleasure to rely on the collaboration of professional translators. You can also reach us in LinkedIn.
Our network of collaborators is an ever growing virtual community. Our working and selection methods are designed to guarantee a high quality level in the final product, since we know that our clients’ successful communication depends on the results of our efforts. Consequently, we have selected, and continue to select, our collaborators using criteria that take into account their professionalism, versatility, availability and experience in different fields, offering them our support with an effective structure and verifying the quality of the product in each development stage.
PAFELINGUA works with professional translators, always in their mother tongue. However, and always following the specific request of a client, for some minority languages we have provided the service with native translators that do not have the qualifications required.
It is not necessary. In fact, as a general rule, 95% of our projects can be discussed, accepted and requested by email, fax or telephone and are finally developed by us without meeting physically. However, if you would like to meet us in person, you can always arrange an appointment by phone or email.
The final fees of a translation are based on the word count of the text in the original language (Source text) or the word count of the text already translated (Target text). For us, each translation, interpreting or any other service requested is considered as a project. We assess its complexity carefully to be able to provide the best service at a very competitive price, with the highest quality and as soon as possible. If you want to request an estimate, you need to fill in the form in the page and if you want to request a translation, you must also attach the document so that we can evaluate its complexity and extension to make an assessment and a time estimate before making an offer.
Our fees depend on the following aspects:
- The language.
- The complexity of the text, whether it is standard, professional, technical, etc.
- The format of the text.
- Whether the translation is into Spanish or into another language.
We advise you to consult this kind of details, by phone or email, after you receive an answer to your estimate request.
We accept any type of translation job, however small. We have standardized minimum translation fees.
For interpretations, the minimum service is 4 hours.
Of course! We have a long professional relation with our clients consolidated over time and based on the trust towards our translation and interpreting services. In fact, we recruit translators and interpreters for some civil service agencies that need this kind of professionals.
You can attach the document to the estimate request form in our web page, or send it by e-mail, fax or mail. We kindly request you to send the document, if possible, in Word format. However, if your document is not in this format, we will work with it in the format you send us (PDF, Excel, etc…).
Translations are usually delivered in Word format. When you request your estimate you can ask whether it is possible to do it in another editable format, such as Power Point or Excel. Sworn translations are always delivered printed, since they are sealed and signed by the sworn translator.
We will give you an approximate date in the estimate, but it will all depend on the availability of the translator at the time of accepting the service by the client, the language and the complexity of the content.
By bank transfer.

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In PAFELINGUA we have an extensive experience of translation and interpretation services. We specialize in translation for clients in a wide range of fields: economic, legal, website, marketing, advertising, etc.



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