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Cookie policy

In compliance with the Royal Decree 13/2012, as of 30 March, whereby Law of Information Society Services is amended, related to the use of cookies on Web pages, Pafelingua, S.L. informs that this Website uses cookies in order to quantify and analyze Web traffic, to improve your experience as a user, and provide you with a better service. If required, you may change the settings of your browser to receive a notification to prevent automatic acceptance or to avoid their installation. Please remember that by doing so you may no longer have access to certain Internet functions.


Definition and function of cookies

Cookies are small files created by an Internet site to store information in your device, for example, your preferences when visiting a website. When a website that uses cookies is accessed, the browser is requested to save one or more cookies in the hard disk. Cookies often save website configuration, such as preferred language or location. Therefore, when the user returns to the web page, the browser retrieves the corresponding cookies, providing customized service and information according to user needs. Cookies may even store information that identifies users personally, although our website does not use this kind of cookies, and may only have access to the personal information you may provide in the contact forms. You may modify the cookies setting of your browser, to approve or reject automatically any request to store cookies when the browser is shut down and other additional options.


Types of cookies used by this web page

  • Technical
    This type of cookies provides information on the user habits in the Web, for example, web pages visited or any potential technical problem that the user may have had. These cookies do not allow user identification, as the information collected is anonymous and will only be used to improve the page design and browsing, use statistics, etc. They enable the web page to work in a more agile manner, and adapt to user preferences.
  • Register
    They are created when you register or log in as a user of the web page.
  • Customization
    They allow to customize the functions or contents of the website with regard to the data collected from the browser.
  • Session status
    These cookies store the information necessary during the session and any related change. They also determine whether the user is a registered user of the web.
  • Process
    Process cookies allow the website to run, and provide user with expected services, such as web page browsing or login to website secure areas.

List of cookies used by the domain www.pafelingua.com:

  • Technical cookies







Used to define the session status and register the user session. It is non-intrusive, and does not save your login from one visit to another or in different websites. It is used to manage longin areas, and also used for shopping lists. It is integrated into content manager. It remains constant during the session.


10 years

Used to check whether the user has already been informed of the web page cookie policy.

Cookie disabling and deleting

You may change your browser settings to allow, block, delete or disable the cookies installed in your device, by configuring the options of the browser installed in your device. If you may not allow cookie acceptance in your browser, you may not have access to some sections and functions of this website.

In order to configure the browser, you may disable or administer cookie installation, so that they are automatically deleted once the browser, device or equipment is shut down. Please click on the following links to obtain further information on your browser:

In general terms, most browsers allow quick access to delete browser data, by pressing the key sequence Ctrl+Shift+Delete, being able to delete the cookies.


Updating of our cookie policy

The cookie policy of this website may be updated pursuant to legal or technical demands. Therefore, if required, we recommend to review this policy from time to time, in order to be informed on how and why we use cookies. Latest uptade: March 2015

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